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What is soft stone ceramic tile?


Soft stone ceramic tile is virtually the same raw materials as ceramic tile. It is a kind of ceramic tile that is soft and felt like cowhide by adding additives and then firing at high temperatures. Compared with traditional tiles, it is more soft and warm. Soft stone ceramic tile is sintered at 400℃ high temperature with 80% clay and 20% water-soluble additives. Then, it is shaped by changing of the properties of the original soil and the light irradiation. After recovery, it can be reduced to powder through treatment and then become soil. In addition, the light soft stone ceramic tile can reduce the transportation difference of ceramic tile.


What are the advantages of soft stone ceramic tiles?


1. Flexible and Elastic

Soft stone ceramic tile is very soft and elastic, with good wear resistance property. As long as the ground is flat, it won't be scratched eas