Advantages of soft stone ceramic tile


  Advantages of soft stone ceramic tiles

Strong water permeability, light weight, flexible, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-seismic, crack resistance, good compatibility with external insulation system.



Soft stone ceramic tiles completely overcome the ceramic tiles, mosaics and other hazards of easy falling and hurting people. It is especially suitable for the finish materials of external walls of high-rise buildings and external thermal insulation system.



Soft stone ceramic tiles can be shaped at will, which breaks through the limitations of traditional ceramic tiles. They have the ability to integrate all the building materials at all times and in all over the world. Soft stone ceramic tiles can be presented as the natural decorative materials, such as wood, leather, stone, brick, cloth, metal and other textures and colors. And, the decorative textures with distinctive individual colors can also be made according to the designer's conception.



In rebuilding of old walls or renovation of space, the materials can be directly pasted on them without knocking off the original old tiles and mosaics.


  Energy conservation and emission reduction

Fuels, such as coal, heavy oil and other highly polluting raw materials are discarded on the production line of soft stone ceramic tiles. Electricity and solar energy are selected to strive for cleanliness and secure sources. No waste water, exhaust gas and dust are discharged in the production process, and all the waste materials can be recycled.

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