Knowledge of soft stone ceramic tile

What is soft stone ceramic tile?


Soft stone ceramic tile is virtually the same raw materials as ceramic tile. It is a kind of ceramic tile that is soft and felt like cowhide by adding additives and then firing at high temperatures. Compared with traditional tiles, it is more soft and warm. Soft stone ceramic tile is sintered at 400℃ high temperature with 80% clay and 20% water-soluble additives. Then, it is shaped by changing of the properties of the original soil and the light irradiation. After recovery, it can be reduced to powder through treatment and then become soil. In addition, the light soft stone ceramic tile can reduce the transportation difference of ceramic tile.


What are the advantages of soft stone ceramic tiles?


1. Flexible and Elastic

Soft stone ceramic tile is very soft and elastic, with good wear resistance property. As long as the ground is flat, it won't be scratched easily. Walking on the floor paved with soft ceramic tile is like walking in the grass. It is opposed to the hard and cold features of traditional ceramic tiles.


2. Styles can be presented in a variety of ways.

Soft stone ceramic tile can be designed into a variety of textures and colors according to demand, including wood grain, wood and other series. And, it can be made into concavo-convex, emboss and other artistic effects. It can be reused because it is not made of wood materials. In design, the surface is a great new element for the designer.


3. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Due to the light material of soft stone ceramic tiles, they are easy to be handled so that the transportation cost is reduced. Paving is also very convenient and a lot of manpower is not required.


4. Moisture-proof & Anti-skidding

Soft stone ceramic tiles not only maintain the characteristics of ceramic tiles, but are also moisture-proof and anti-skidding. In the rainy season, when ceramic tiles or glass have water discharge, the soft stone ceramic tiles can keep cool and dry.

5. Convenience for pavement

For paving soft stone ceramic tiles, less manpower is required. Just one or two people can handle it, with good decorative effect. It is very suitable for home decoration, or some large hotels and other tooling, indoor and outdoor decorations, even for some wrapping columns and other personality decorations, meeting different requirements.


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